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SSC CHSL General Awareness & Intelligence Study Material- PDF

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SSC CHSL General Awareness & Intelligence Study Material: In most of the competitive exams the general awareness is an important part. The general awareness section basically includes social, cultural, economy, geographical, finance and it contains a wide range of questions, because of its large number of questions the general awareness section is a very big challenge to prepare for the candidates.

The general awareness & Intelligence question just take only 10 minutes to solve you don’t need to attempt any calculation to solve this question just read and mark. Due to lack of time in the competitive exams, most of the people will not be able to attempt this section which causes failure. General awareness & Intelligence Question Paper required more and more practice.

SSC CHSL General Awareness & Intelligence Solved Paper PDF Download:

 SSC CHSL General Awareness & Intelligence Study Material

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SSC CHSL Syllabus For GK

It is very much important to prepare exam according to the syllabus. This section contain questions from the Indian constitution, science environment, history, geography, current events, basic economics, politics, sports, events, general politics, Indian constitution etc. the test contains some questions from the India and its neighbor countries.

The main aim behind this section is to check the attentiveness of the environment around the candidates. For SSC CHSL examination it is advisable that the candidate will prepare the mathematics and English section very well. The most of the question is from the static and the science.

Important Link: SSC CHSL Guide and Notes download of General Knowledge

Science: – the candidates can prepare for the SSC exam from the books up to 10th of NCERT.

Current events: – Awards, Persons in news, book published, summits

Static: – static questions are basically very much simple and easy to attempt static questions are from the geography, polity, history from the NCERT books.

Current affairs: – it is not an easy task to stay updated with the all current affairs because nobody have spare time to update with the new technology. Newspaper reading is very much important, try to note down all the important points from the magazines and it is advisable that go library daily.

Environmental crises and issues:-

It is also very much necessary to study the environmental issues in detail about the environmental issues like carbon trading, nuclear plants, environmental effecting Projects like dams, global warming, carbon dump etc. it is also necessary to be updated with the economic data like the import, exports, inflation, growth rate and current environmental issues like FDI in retail, big players and the companies, RBI policy, slowdown global economic crises, PSU’s activity.

Sports: – Sports is also very necessary or to study all the awards and achievements Indian achievements in the Olympics, cricket, tennis grand slams, world cups, etc.

Persons in news: – all those persons who are in news those who received some honor, who achieved some social value in personal feat or those who have invented something.

Awards and achievements: – the awards like Khelrattan, Nobel prizes, Magsaysay awards, etc. all the awards and achievements from the outside of the Indian or within the India, winners of Booker, Miss Universe, Miss India, Pulitzer, etc.

Important Link:  SSC CHSL GK & GS Syllabus- Get Full Detail

International Affairs:

The international affairs like OPEC, ASEAN, SAARC, important office holders of world organizations. Indian army exercises with China/ US etc.

Administration: – E-gov, administrative reforms etc.

Government schemes: – the government schemes like Digital India, SWACHH BHARAT, NPS, and NREGA, etc.

There is maximum 50 question are from general awareness section in SSC CGL, in general awareness 26 question is of the science portion, 5-6 question were asked in the economics section; the 5-6 question is from polity, 5-6 is from history, 2-3 on current affairs, 6-7 on geography, 2-3 is from GK. All the important updates are available on the official website so it is advisable that he candidate must be updated or regular visit to the official website of the SSC.

History: –the study material of SSC CHSL related to the history are as follows:

  • Art and culture.
  • Medieval India
  • Ancient India
  • World history
  • Modern India

Reference Books:-

To prepare for the history and culture, it is advisable to study the NCERT book up to the 10 class, Lucent G.K., Indian History (Arihant)

All the important wars, (where, when, why, whom, etc.) Delhi Sultanate, Mughal and their policy, religion, Maratha, culture, entry of Europeans, three revolts, reformers, Swaraj party, Gandhi, acts, etc.

Important Link: SSC CHSL Best Preparation Books to Crack Exam

Economics: –the topic cover under economics are as follows:


Economics useful terms

Indian politics: –the topic under this section are as follows:

  • State government
  • Central government
  • Constitutional framework
  • System of government
  • Local government
  • Union territories and special area
  • Other constitutional dimensions
  • Nonconstitutional bodies
  • Constitutional bodies

Microeconomics: –the topics under this section are as follows:

  • Budget
  • Social, economic schemes
  • Economic survey
  • Current development in economy

Geography: –the topic cover under this section are as follows:

  • World Geography
  • Human geography
  • Physical geography
  • Economic geography
  • Facts

Science: – the topic cover under science are written as follows:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Computer
  • Botany
  • Ecology

GK: –the topic cover under GK is as follows

  • Places
  • Books
  • Persons
  • Awards
  • Sports
  • Discoveries and inventions

Current affairs: – to prepare the current affairs study all the materials of last six months

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