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SSC vs IBPS PO | which is the best option?

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SSC vs IBPS PO:Ask any administration work wannabe, Which exam would he say he is getting ready for? Unquestionably, the appropriate response will be either SSC or IBPS PO.

What is that makes the masses to get ready for these exams? Consistently more than 20 lakh competitors apply for these two exams. These two are among the greatest benefactors in creating job openings.

In any case, which one out of these two you must pick? There is no solid answer and everything relies upon your point of view. Ask yourself with reference to what you like, what you need to do in your expert life and which field draws you.

In this article, we will talk about both these associations in a successive way which is without a doubt going to help you to discover the correct examination which you ought to go for!

SSC vs IBPS PO Comparison  

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) Examination is one of the greatest government work enlistment exams of India. Every year the Staff Selection Commission leads this exam for enrollment in different Central Government Departments like Central Secretariat Service, Central Vigilance Commission, Intelligence Bureau, CBI, Ministry of Railways/External Affairs/Defense and a couple of other Ministries.SSC employment is a 100 % government work.

Then again, Banks give a respectable employment. The prerequisite of youthful and enthusiastic people in the banking division has expanded a ton. Ever year IBPS arranges a Combined Written Examination for the arrangement of POs. IBPS PO recruitment exams are conducted once per year.

Let us now have a chance to discuss both the profiles:

SSC vs IBPS PO #1: Job Profile

As an officer selected through SSC, you will be relied upon to:

  • Do administrative work in the workplace like noting RTI questions.
  • Make notes and do recording work.
  • Do general organization work.
  • Do handle Jobs that include voyaging.
  • Complete raids, Inspections, reconnaissance and so forth.
  • Help in molding Nationwide strategies by caring for the back office work.

IBPS PO: Job Profile

As a Bank PO you are relied upon to:

  • Give administrations to clients
  • Improve business of the bank
  • Handle money exercises at the bank
  • Oversee Clearance of Payments
  • Oversee records of clients
  • Official correspondence


SSC vs IBPS PO #2: Work Pressure

SSC job is more casual and permits great work – life adjust. Subsequent to going along with you are assigned one of the 30 divisions according to your legitimacy, and therefore you play out the errand that incorporates supervision, Administrative Task, or whatever other undertaking gave by the senior authorities now and again identified with that post. On occasion, SSC-employments can likewise be extremely requesting on the off chance that you are made a request to work under political weight each day. This is subject to your bosses and the office in which you are posted.

Bank PO’s work incorporates General Banking, Administrative Task, or some other assignment presented by the senior administration occasionally. As a Bank PO, you will experience thorough preparing to comprehend the quick and dirty of Banking and prepared for bookkeeping, advertising, speculation, charging, fund, HR, forex, farming banking, general banking.Work weight shrewd both the occupations are almost the same, the main separating component is Customer Engagement. As a PO you need to communicate/get new clients, in any case, t is not an order in SSC .

SSC versus IBPS PO #3: Working hours

In SSC, you will have a legitimate work routine. Day by day you will go in the morning and returning to your home at night, no additional work hours and working in movements.

Banks have of late begun another arrangement as indicated by which, second and fourth Saturdays of the month are proclaimed occasions. This implies you have an appropriate work routine. Every day you will go in the morning and returning to your home at night.

SSC versus IBPS PO #4: Transfers

Both SSC and IBPS PO are govt open part employments, making exchanges an important wickedness in this examination.

In SSC, the exchanges, for the most part, occur each 4-5 years (with the exception of in CSS employments where you will dependably be posted in Delhi).In both Organizations, the exchange is on the premise if position/advancement.

In banks, the exchanges, for the most part, occur each 2-5 years.In both Organizations, the exchange is on the premise if position/advancement.

SSC versus IBPS PO #5: Salary

There is very little dissimilarity between the two as far as the compensation between the two, yet since on account of Bank PO work you confront consistent exchanges and posting after a timeframe so from this time forward a piece of your salary will be utilized as a part of migrating your place and for covering different expenses.As a PO in govt bank, you are qualified to get Rs. 34000 – 38,000/month

Additionally, The compensation of SSC is liable to amendment under seventh Pay commission.

Ask any administration work hopeful, Which exam would he say he is getting ready for? Certainly, the appropriate response ought to be either SSC or IBPS PO.

SSC NTPC gives the accompanying advantages:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • LTC
  • Money Medical Benefit
  • Amass Mediclaim
  • Annuity Scheme

Banks give the accompanying advantages:

  • Commitment Pension Scheme/New Pension Scheme
  • Restorative Aid for self (100%) and for family (75%)
  • LTC
  • Home Travel Concession/Leave Fare Concession
  • Concessional financing costs for Housing/Car/Personal Loans

Thus, according to this criteria, both the posts are equivalent.

SSC versus IBPS PO #8: Social Status in Society:

All things considered, we should take a genuine situation here.You may act a great deal of your relatives working in the bank, Let’s say your uncle is in Uco Bank and your cousin is in Corporation Bank. Yes everyone has various relatives working in banks. Have you ever gloat about it.But what number of individuals you know are Income Tax or Excise Inspector. An exceptionally few.The rarer the better.

Individuals for the most part relate this to economic wellbeing (definitely you took care of business). Individuals who are enrolled in top SSC occupations certainly appreciate a high economic wellbeing when contrasted with their partners working in Banks. Not just this: You move toward becoming ‘Gazetted Officer inside 3 years of your participating in SSC .

SSC versus IBPS PO # Conclusion

In this manner, both have their own upsides and downsides. In the event that you take a gander at economic wellbeing and, You can choose SSC.

Then again, in the event that you jump at the chance to do day by day routine work then you may settle on IBPS PO.

Here’s a rundown of Pros and Cons of both SSC and Bank PO.

SSC Pro’s

  • High odds of advancement
  • Regard in the general public
  • Gigantic Power
  • General presentation


  • Remote Postings.
  • Bureaucratic Pressure


  • Aces
  • High advancement shots
  • Low Transfer cycle
  • Better Salary
  • Bring down credit rates


  • Provincial Postings.
  • Client Dealings

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